Thread Vibez

T-Shirt of the Month Club

Thread Vibez is a t-shirt of the month club. Every month members will receive a quality crew neck t-shirt. We want kids to have a visual voice. Our vision for Thread Vibez is simple: we believe all artists with talent and ideas deserve a seat at the table, especially kids, tweens, and teens. It shouldn’t matter your background, gender, size, or heritage-all are welcome.

Fashion should be representative of different perspectives; therefore, fundamentally, it’s our responsibility to showcase the beauty in diversity. We are intent on broadening minds regarding standards of beauty, relevancy, marketability, and being relatable.  Our audience is not just a list of stereotypes; there should not be mainstreams in the global village. We understand that expressing individuality matters, but this platform encourages inclusivity while at the same time promotes open-mindedness and acceptance among peers of all ages. 

To achieve such vision, we are committed to working with our youth throughout this process. Kids are empathetic, aware, and engaged with the world around them. These future leaders are informed of injustices and rebel against them. Together, with our youth, we can work to improve the world.  The guiding principle for our company is: Thread Vibez- the social movement: your voice, your vibe.